On June 29, 2013, 32 brothers,

led by Dr. Torrence A. McKnight, Sr., Past Polemarch and current Keeper of Exchequer,

became charter members of

the Southaven (MS) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.,

we solute them for their unswerving commitment to

achievement in every field of human endeavor


Marcus Barker

Rodney O. Brooks

Anthony Buckner

Kylen-Kristopher Darden

Marius Denton

Vincent Dozier

Dr. Cedric Ellis, Sr.

Dr. Stanley K. Ellis

Christopher Evans

Damien Gray

Carlos Harbert


Marcus Harrison, Sr.

Taurus M. Hines

Cedric Jackson

Joshua Jackson

Brodie Johnson

Willie Johnson

Todd Julius

Mario King

Robert Leflore, Jr.

Stevie Massie

Lederick Mattox 


Isaac “Jermell” McBride

Dr. Torrence McKnight, Sr.

James O’ Bannon

Sylvester Sparks

Erik Stevenson

Keith Thompson

Raymond Vallier

Anthony “Wallstreet” White

Dr. Dwaun Warmack

William West